Rules Regulating Payment of Fees

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Mode of Payment:

Fee, funds and other charges are to be paid on quarterly basis either in cash at the school fee counter or through A/C Payee’s cheques drawn in favour of College. Cheque shall be accepted upto 7th day and cash on or before 7th day. Late payment fine shall be charged w.e.f. 11th day of the month as per the college rules and the name of the defaulters shall be struck off from the rolls on last working day of the month. For details of late fine and readmission fees etc, kindly see the college notice board or contact Admin office.


No cheque for outstation clearance or post dated cheques will be accepted. Fee and Funds are not refundable/adjustable under any circumstances. Cheques will not be accepted during March/April. All fee including bus fee is subject to revision.

Caution Money:

Caution money is to be deposited by every pupil at the time of admission. It is being kept as a token of security. Claim for refund of caution money shall be entertained within 3 months from the date of withdrawal or when the name is struck off from the roll or on completion of studies in the college or alongwith the original receipt failing which the entire amount will be transferred to society reserve fund. Caution money will be refunded as per rules but without any interest.

A defaulter who does not clear all the dues by March he / she shall not be promoted to a higher class or presented for the University examination.

The rules are subject to change or modification according to the Government / University orders issued from time to time.

Fee shall be accepted only on stipulated dates for each class. Time for remittance is from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. only. Receipts with the college seal shall be issued on all payments which should be produced for verification on demand. Students are advised to verify the receipts of remittance before leaving the counter. Also, they are advised to tender exact change to avoid delay at the counter.

If the specified day for fee collection is a holiday, fee due is collected on the next working day.